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Live Online Classroom Lessons & How They Work

Here at Cambridge Online School & College International we provide students with exceptional online education via our live online classroom lessons.

a woman using a laptop to learn online at a coffee shop.
World Class Online Education

How To Access Our Online Classes

Upon enrolling into our online school, you will receive a welcome pack containing all of your logins, including one for our state of the art online learning platform. Within this platform, you can find your lesson schedule/timetable for all of your classes. On the scheduled date and time of your virtual lesson, you will select the subject and join the live classroom. All of our virtual classes are conducted over Zoom by our highly qualified teachers. Our online classes are kept small, with each having 10 or less students present. This provides students with a more personalised learning experience, therefore making the online lessons more beneficial and enjoyable. We believe this allows students to excel in their education, as with less students they have more opportunities to ask questions, in turn helping them progress in their subjects.

What You Need & Lesson Schedules

In order to access the online live lessons, all you need is a device with internet connection. Whether you use a laptop, phone, or tablet, you will be able to access your virtual classes, although for the easiest way to participate we recommend a laptop. We also offer flexible online live lesson schedules to fit around hobbies, interests, and time zones so every student has the opportunity to get the best out of their learning, whilst still enjoying the activities they like.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch about our online live lessons, or you have an enquiry, please contact us via our email, or use the contact form or chat box on our website.


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