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Cambridge Online School & College International

Cambridge Online School & College International is an online school based in Cambridge with highly qualified teachers and tutors, teaching students from all over the world. Teaching is conducted in live video lessons in small groups, supported with homework and projects submitted to teachers on our customised platform. Our live and interactive online lessons are world-class.

Our online homeschool offers online classes in many subjects for homeschooled students as well as adults wishing to complete international GCSEs or A-level exams. Our classes start from primary age, through secondary leading up to college and A-levels.

Our English department offers virtual classes in English as a foreign language for various exams as well as leisure purposes. Our English teachers are highly qualified, with many years experience, in online teaching and learning.

Online Class

How does online learning work?

Live Lessons

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Live lessons

All our live classes are run using zoom, a reliable and well know platform. It allows for interactive lessons via a virtual whiteboard and shared learning materials, such as worksheets and powerpoint slides. Groups are kept small, with kids at the same level.

Recorded Lessons

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Recorded lessons

Live lessons are recorded allowing students to flexibly review lessons or catch up on lessons missed, which provides an invaluable catch up tool to students.

Students in other time zones can also choose to watch recordings at more convenient times.

Online Platform

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Online Platform

Our custom platform allows students to view and download material. They submit homework and receive feedback from teachers. Parents get updates on their children's progress and follow how they are doing.

Private lessons

Our online lessons are complemented by a large selection of tutors for private lessons. We have an amazing team of expert teachers, highly qualified and experienced. Our team has helped many students achieve academic excellence, and they have allowed students to succeed with online learning. 

We accept not only our own students for tutoring, but anyone looking for extra help, regardless of whether they are homeschooled or attend a school. If you are looking for a tutor, get in touch. We are happy to help.

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Private lessons
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