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One Year Online A-Level Courses

We will explain how our one year online courses work, what options are available, and how they are beneficial below.

Woman wearing headphones looking at her computer screen which has a video call on. She is also sat at her desk writing notes whilst listening to the teacher. This relates to this article as she is partaking in watching a live classroom lesson which refers to our 1 year online courses.

How do our 1 year online A Level courses work?

Identically to our regular 2-year online courses, each virtual lesson is held over Zoom in a live online classroom. All of your lessons can be accessed through our online learning platform, which you will have a login for in your welcome pack after enrolling. The class sizes are kept small, with 10 or fewer students, and our subject specialist teachers provide world-class online education to help students succeed and progress in their online learning. Our one-year online courses are also available to students internationally, with our main goal being to give students the confidence to excel.

Like our other online classes, our one-year online courses have a timetable for live lessons and flexible independent work to be completed at home. Therefore, allowing students to still enjoy activities, hobbies, and interests while progressing in their education.

The main difference with our 1 year online courses is that they allow you to gain a qualification in half the time of our standard 2 year A Level courses, but you will have twice the workload. All our A-level classes can be studied in one year.

What should I consider before enrolling on a one-year course?

Our one-year online A-Level courses are beneficial for students, as they allow you to gain qualifications in a shorter period of time, however, it requires students to spend considerable time revising independently. The drop-out rate on these courses is incredibly high for students who underestimated the workload, especially when completing 3 A-levels simultaneously. Additionally, for those seeking top grades, a lot of time needs to be spent on exam practise, which a one-year course does not have as much of.

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