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Cambridge Online-Sekundarschule

Unsere Sekundarschule ist eine sehr exklusive Online-Schule für Schüler, die sich akademisch auszeichnen.Unsere Schüler leben auf der ganzen Welt und studieren für ihre GCSE-Prüfungen.

Um sich anzumelden, kontaktieren Sie uns über unser Kontaktformular oder besuchen Sie unsere Zulassungsseite. Wir begrüßen auch Schüler mit unterschiedlichsten sonderpädagogischen Bedürfnissen. Unser Team ist stolz darauf, geduldig und flexibel zu sein, um sich an die Bedürfnisse aller Schüler anzupassen.

Klassen können tagsüber, und abends stattfinden, je nach Wunsch des Schülers


Unsere Fächer

Numeracy Core Prgramme.png

Our Numeracy Core Programme is designed to support students of all mathematical abilities, from lower ability to high ability. The main pathway, highlighted in red, can be accompanied by the additional pathways, highlighted in yellow. Each path follows the same steps from Year 7 to Year 9, but students can choose whether to select Core or Extended Maths for Year 10 & year 11 based on their confidence and mathematical abilities.

The medium and lower ability programmes can be taken with our Core Skills course alongside. This course is designed to provide additional support to students in Year 9 and Year 10. Learners will cover the foundational mathematics concepts within this course to help build up their confidence and skills.

The high-ability Maths pathway follows the same main path as the medium ability programme, without the additional support of our Core Skills course. Students also have the opportunity to study Additional Maths alongside Extended Maths in Year 10 & Year 11. This option is for students who have more advanced mathematical skills, and who have a passion for expanding their mathematical knowledge and understanding.

Literacy Core Programme

Literacy Core Prgramme.png

Our Literacy Core Programme focuses on developing students' English language & English Literature skills while building their confidence in these subjects. The lower and higher ability programmes both follow the same main pathway from year 7 to Year 11. However, the lower ability path features our Core Skills course to provide students with additional English Language support. This helps to hone students' skills in the core fundamental aspects of the English Language.

In English Language, students will learn about writing styles, effective communication, reading, and listening whilst developing their ability to respond to written texts. Learners will be supported throughout their English Language learning while being encouraged to read for knowledge and fun.

In English Literature, students will learn a range of play-writing styles whilst analysing a range of famously known plays, alongside building their ability to write poetry and respond to literary texts. Students will also be introduced to film study so they can learn about how much goes into cinematography from character development and plot development to camera angles and shots. 

If you are interested in our online secondary school English & Maths courses and are unsure of what ability to choose, please contact us via email or through our website chat box.

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