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Cambridge Online Leisure Classes

Our leading online leisure classes are run for children of all ages as well as adults. These online classes are great if you are looking to add another skill without the stress of exams. 

We offer fun online educational classes that are interesting, suprising or unconventional, but most of all fun. 

Our most popular online classes are the kids science classes, in particular our class "animals - gross, creepy, cool or extinct" and our online foreign language department. 

We offer daytime and evening online classes learning French, Spanish, German & more.

Learning languages online is a great way to boost not only your knowledge but also your career options. Being fluent in a foreign language is a sought after skill for some employers, giving you a wider variety of career paths. 

Our online leisure classes are taught in real time classrooms with our live and qualified teachers. 

All of our online classes provide high quality online education to our students, allowing them to progress and excel in the future. Our ultimate goal is providing our online students with a rich and engaging learning experience.

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